Breakfast at The Lambs Club

Breakfast at Chef Zakarian’s Lambs Club

The Lambs Club is Chef Zakarian’s Modern American restaurant housed at the Chatwal Hotel is the perfect getaway from Times Square and the hustle of Broadway. This location is filled with history and glamour and that is exactly what I love about it! Once a home away for the likes of Charlie Chaplin as it was home to America’s first professional theatre club. The restaurant has still maintained its theatrical and exclusive feel. I love the red interiors and the formally dressed waiting staff which transports you to a different time!


I am really glad I got a chance to visit the hotel for breakfast this time as I didn’t get a chance to do so during my trip in January. I would definitely recommend it for business and casual meetings but you definitely must try the stuffed french toasts – they are one of a kind!





Four Seasons Downtown New York

Recommended by a new friend in New York, we had to try this new opening since it was so close to where we were staying at the Beekman but I was also curious to see how different the Downtown property would be in comparison to the one on the Upper East Side. Considering it is nestled in between TriBeca and The Financial District the hotel yet has a very unique personality. Usually hotels in the City in London are considered to be corporate and that was my expectation from The Four Seasons Downtown. I was pleasantly surprised that it has embraced the upcoming side of downtown that is chic, buzzing and yet luxury.

It was our last morning in New York and we decided to treat ourselves to a nice breakfast. So we made it over to the hotel which is a block away from the World Trade Center. What I liked about the design is that it is urban but doesn’t compromise on luxury nor is it stuffy. The sculptures and art are inspiring. Though I am not a huge fan of Cut Restaurant by Wolfgang in London mainly due to it being extremely overpriced for what it is – the breakfast at this one at the hotel was well presented, serviced and reasonably priced. We were a bit too excited and went for the pancakes and porridge plus juices and coffee – all which we enjoyed. Again, the restaurant is spacious and every table does feel it has it’s privacy. It is definitely a great restaurant for morning meetings. It has its own personality and due to being a part of the transformation of Downtown Manhattan it feels a bit more trendier than other Four Seasons I have been to. A spot that will definitely impress your clients!





Aretsky’s Patroon

Thanks to the concierge at the New York Palace – I discovered this classy gem for my birthday eve in Manhattan. Located in midtown, it is a lovely and quaint restaurant which plays live jazz and has the most delicious brioche to start with. I decided to go for the steak (as usual) and my friend ordered the veal. We really enjoyed the atmosphere. Not too loud, not too quiet and they really made my birthday eve special.

I would also recommend it for your first evening in Manhattan as usually the tiredness eventually gets to you and this had the perfect mix of New York glamour, charm and understatedness. Loved the townhouse exterior!

For more information visit: Aretsky’s Patroon

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Fowler & Wells

Located on the ground floor of The Beekman Hotel, this restaurant proved extremely handy during the early hours of jet lag. We spent most mornings here grabbing our first coffee and pain au chocolats. A Tom Colicchio restaurant with opulent interiors; the mirrors and chandeliers are my favourite. A definite plus for me was the good quality coffee – rare in hotels but the supplier they use is very unique and their own cafe is located in Fulton station – Irving Farm Coffee Roasters. 

If I weren’t short of time and always on to the next thing in New York – I would spend many hours here staring at the interiors!

Definitely recommend it for breakfast!

The Beekman

I knew The Beekman was opening in New York but I wasn’t sure when I would get the chance to experience it. When my friend Kate suggested we book a trip to New York in May tied in with my birthday I knew I had to find something different and exciting for her since she is an interior designer and always looking for interior design inspiration.

Now being back in London and looking back all I can say is that I have been thrilled with the experience of the hotel, the restaurants, the service and the ambience. It is a gem and has transformed the experience of being downtown. It is walking distance from Fulton Station – connecting you to most subway lines, walking distance to West Village and conveniently located to some great shops.

The 9 story atrium is one of the key features of the hotel. Every morning coming out of my room and looking down at the bar from the 5th floor was a treat. Though you may feel that rooms overlooking the bar would lose their privacy – it was right the opposite. You instead felt a part of a private residence with stunning architecture and connectivity between the spaces.


The room itself was a great mix of vintage and modern furnishings complimented by a spacious marble bathroom. Our room overlooked Nassau Street with views of stunning red buildings making us feel a part of a neighborhood.



It is the small details that make a huge difference. The rooms aren’t equipped with coffee machines but the lobby offers a complimentary coffee service in the morning which you can help yourself too and it is great coffee! Additionally, the hotel is home to a stunning bar, Fowler and Wells (a Tom Colicchio restaurant) and Augustine (all of which I will feature in a separate blog.)

My advice to those who feel downtown is isolated or cut off from midtown and beyond – it is not. You must stay there next time – it is the place to be and definitely worth staying at for a few nights!

For more information visit The Beekman’s Website

I would definitely go back!

Brunch with Georgette

On International Women’s Day I would love to share my experience of visiting Rotisserie Georgette in Manhattan. I have known Georgette for a few years and she has been a true inspiration. She worked through the ranks and started her own business in hospitality and I feel women like her make us realise the sky is the limit and we should never give up!

If I lived in New York I would spend every Sunday having brunch at Georgette’s. Georgette is one of the most down to earth restaurateurs I have ever met and I am so delighted that I had the opportunity to visit earlier in January. Despite being in the Upper East Side the restaurant is very reasonably priced and has amazing rotisserie chicken. After brunch we tried the freshly made madeleines served with caramel sauce – perfect end to a great weekend in New York!



The Little Owl

Greenwich Brunch Places, The Little Owl NYC

The concierge at The Lowell helped me discover some new brunch places and one of those was The Little Owl. I wanted to explore some new places in Greenwich Village and I am so glad I came across this gem. A wonderful corner restaurant perfect for weekend brunch classics and some Mediterranean inspired dishes. I went for the safer option, the burger but the coffee, desserts and ambience were really nice. I would highly recommend to those looking for something with a local touch in Manhattan followed by a walk up Bleecker Street!



Meeting Betty Halbreich

Betty Halbreich at Bergdorf Goodman – Manhattan

Visiting New York this year was very special for me, I had the opportunity to meet a woman I have read so much about and been inspired by – Betty Halbreich. She is one of New York’s and perhaps the world’s best known personal stylists and personal shoppers. She started the Personal Shopping Department at Bergdorf Goodman known by the name of Betty’s Halbreich’s Solutions nearly 4 decades ago and she is still going strong.

Meeting Betty Halbreich was not just meeting an idol but it made me realise that the more experienced and successful you are, it is as important to be humble and open to meeting people. When I followed Betty to the elevators once I had spotted her (and waited for her client to depart on the ground floor), I was open to the possibility that she could possibly ignore me or dismiss me or keep it very short. I mean someone who has catered to the cream of New York, the US and Hollywood celebrities would barely have the time to speak to me and it is something I am ok with. However, the second I said hello she looked at me and I immediately went on a ramble on what a big fan I was, visiting from London, have been reading about her and she immediately whisked me to her office on the 3rd floor. It was a magical experience – she was willing to give me time, sit with me, talk to me about politics, life in New York, learn about what I do and everything else! She signed her book for me and invited me to visit her when I am next back in New York. Betty is now nearly 90 years old – her book has taught me that no one has a smooth journey – she had her share of difficulties but above all she is a people’s person. She has worked hard, connected with her clients and has remained true to her real self which has been the key to her success and strength. What an amazing woman! I hope I can see her next time I am in Manhattan!


Boys ‘n’ Berry, Fulham

The Fulham neighborhood desperately needed good coffee. Especially around where our saviours Boys ‘n’ Berry have opened up! I am addicted to the coffee, the cafe and the breakfast. The moment I stepped in I knew this would be a place I would be spending a lot of time in.

The staff is very welcoming, the owner is behind the coffee machine so you can tell its a passion! I have been a multitude of times for meetings, hanging out or getting my daily take away dose. I would highly recommend trying the quinoa porridge – something unique and healthy with peanut butter and bananas. The place is reasonably priced for breakfast standards in Fulham – but again you are paying good money for some porridge!

The coffee in any form is a must – you won’t regret it!


Brown and Rosie South Kensington

Nothing beats Aussie Coffee and one of the best I have had so far has landed in the heart of South Kensington in the form of Brown and Rosie! A wonderful cafe on Exhibition Road serving coffee, breakfast, smoothie bowls and lunch.  Serving Pablo and Rusty coffee, the baristas pay extra attention to the texture, weight and hence the coffee is consistent unlike a lot of other places in London. You’ll be addicted!