The Holborn Dining Room at The Rosewood London!

Rosewood London has been my favourite place since October 2013 i.e. literally since it opened. The hotel has revived Holborn and brought understated luxury and life to the area which was much needed.

I was delighted to have the 31st of March off and use the opportunity to visit the newly opened Holborn Dining Room for breakfast. It was a great Monday morning, the start of British Summer Time and perfect way to start the day.

The Holborn Dining Room in a nutshell is a brasserie offering delicious coffees and a great selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner run by restaurateur Des McDonald.

The way I judge places is if I were asked the question ‘Would you come here alone?’ and my answer is yes, that means the place is somewhere you can call home, come and enjoy a coffee and a nibble without feeling uncomfortable. This is exactly the vibe you get from Holborn Dining. The service is personal, the staff uniforms are very stylish and the food is great quality – you do enjoy every bite.

Β The deli also offers great take away options – next time I am definitely diving in to some muffins. Above all, Holborn Dining is not over the top expensive. It is rather an affordable luxury which also opens to the public and lets them enjoy a taste of The Rosewood.

Rosewood London has filled a gap in the market for London – we really needed a 5 star luxury hotel that would offer a bit of everything and especially in my case, some great coffee!

The breathtaking Edwardian courtyard of Rosewood LondonΒ 

My delicious Eggs Royal with a double shot latte

I would definitely recommend Rosewood as stop for you whilst you are in the search for something fresh and tranquil in London. Though I have heard that the Scarfes Bar is the place to be on weekends and Thursdays!

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My first visit to the Rosewood London and first few impressions!

I knew the Rosewood Hotel would be something special but my visit to it as soon as it opened in November, Β did and has still kept me swept off my feet! It is something out of the world of London and a refreshing addition to the 5 star hotels landscape of the city.

Located close to my heart i.e. next door to where I spent 3 years of my life, The London School of Economics, it felt a bit surreal walking out of the station heading towards the hotel.

The Rosewood Hotel’s entrance is unique, you feel like you’re entering a townhouse with a private entrance and courtyard. The eye catching feature of the hotel is the way it has been decorated to resemble one’s home. You will be greeted with hundreds of coffee table books from all walks of life be it Peyton and Byrne or a book on the art of wooing women!

On the way to the main restaurant we were greeted with the hotel’s very own parrots which are so refreshing! I was taken to the Mirror Room by my friend where we enjoyed some delicious starters my favourite being the feta cheese gnocchi and fois gras.

I was lucky enough to experience a band playing live acoustic music, another rare feature not common among London hotels. The music blended in extremely well with the atmosphere of the room. I believe The Rosewood London has not only appealed to me but will appeal to people from all walks of life who would like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of London and relax in an understated luxurious environment. I say understated because The Rosewood is not screaming luxury but rather redefining it by blending traditional British heritage with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly service.

Unfortunately I have to finish here, but I will be writing in detail about the Afternoon Tea which I had on a separate occasion (I didn’t feel right to fit it in here) but for the time being, below is a sneak peak of a delicious cappuccino resting on the beautiful coffee table of the Mirror Room!