Primrose Bakery Opens Third Location

I am so excited that Martha and her team have opened a third location close to High Street Kensington making the cupcakes available to all of us living in West London. Nestled in between High Street Kensington and the residential area this bakery is going to be a another hidden gem!

For more information visit the Primrose Bakery website

The address is: 282a Kensington High Street, London W14 8NZ. Tel 020 7602 8090

Primrose Bakery, an understated luxury!

I had the pleasure of visiting Primrose Hill for the first time ever, and I am very glad I did that! Had I not I would not have discovered the gorgeous Primrose Bakery on Gloucester Avenue and would never have realised why Ashma would go on about it so much.

Located in a very residential area, Primrose Bakery is every girl’s dream, a very cute retreat offering delicious cupcakes and coffee. I would recommend that place to take your children to after school or your best friend for a catch up.

Definitely a hidden gem of London!