Le Bilboquet, 20 E 60th

My favourite aspect of dining on the Upper East Side is the element of people watching that comes with it. Some places like Georgette's are relaxed, great finds if you are acquainted with the right circles in the city and some places like Le Bilboquet are UES institutions and must be on your bucket list [...]


Some of my favourite places in New York in Fall

Time Warner Centre I have had the pleasure of visiting this amazing city every season now and I have to admit, fall is one of the best times to visit NY! The city is preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas and everything looks extremely festive. Great weather for walking around and exploring the city. Some of [...]

Minetta Tavern

Located in the West Village - this was truly the best New Yorker experience I had. Buzzing on a Wednesday night - the lighting and interiors stole my heart. I especially enjoyed the ambience, the quirky village location and the steak was truly American. Big, juicy and with a massive portion of fries. Thanks to [...]