Cafe Chula in Camden!

I had never thought of going for a coffee to Camden but a visit to Camden is definitely on my list for things to do on a weekend – hence once I discovered Cafe Chula, I knew I had to go!

Located just at The Camden Lock, this Mexican Cafe transports you back to Mexico, if you havent been and really want to experience the culture, I highly recommend this place. Home to Mexican cocktails, Mexican hot chocolate and exactly what one is looking for on a rainy day, Spicy Mexican Coffee which looks like this (below) and immediately brightens up your mood! The coffee was equally delicious, the right balance of caffeine and once the cream mixes with the americano the spicy – sweet taste hits the spot, not too heavy either and served in a massive jar/mug.

Another factor that made me fall in love with the place was the service and the staff. Absolutely down to earth and very welcoming. 
Please do pay a visit and share your thoughts with us!

A Greek Coffee Place in Mayfair!

So I was randomly strolling down Piccadilly when I came across this gorgeous newly opened Greek Coffee House that serves delicious coffees and an amazing range of nuts and honeys and Greek cookies. What else could one ask for?

I have lived in Athens for 3 years and believe it or not, this place made me feel like I had walked back to a typical Greek bakery with a modern twist – the staff was amazingly friendly and the family atmosphere made me feel back at home.

If you are shopping around in London and looking for a place to relax in Carpo London is the place to go. The Capuccino was delicious – the right amount of espresso – and the taste was not to overpowering, I enjoyed it without having to add any sugar!

16 Piccadilly