Coffee Planet next to home!

I spent the last couple of my days home in Islamabad trying out absolutely every possible restaurant/coffee place. F-11 Markaz (literally 2 mins away from my house)  is possibly going to be the next hub of coffee places and hangouts in Islamabad with Zafferano’s, Tutti Frutti, Gloria Jeans and now, Dubai’s Coffee Planet opening up just next door to Gloria!

I happened to be there on the day of its opening and decided to opt for the safer option – a latte. Though I have to mention the staff was a bit over friendly and kept on conversing with me in English despite me speaking in Urdu. 
The coffee was absolutely amazing and the space is perfect for winters! With a shisha lounge outside, this is definitely going to appeal to the Isloo – ites. 

My history with Coffee

I began drinking coffee when I was 15 or so and the only ‘good’ coffee I had tried thus far was from McDonolads or Pappasalis and a few other cafes in Islamabad. My first encounter with Starbucks was at the age of ten when I had watched You’ve Got Mail and the characters’ obsession with their morning coffee. I knew I wanted to live that life. Waking up to a busy city, walking to work and picking up a coffee on the way and being all cool, something that is not part of Pakistani culture – back home it’s more about your morning chai! 
As I grew older things started to change. I came to university in London and realised that coffee and the concept of cafes had much more to it. With various independent coffee shops like Local Hero on Fulham Road and Hot Gossip near university – having coffee was also about the social aspect to it. Sitting with friends, catching up on life or just the excuse to be around people! Then the working life came into play. Getting a coffee and discussing a business plan is another way of making the proposition more interesting than that of sitting in a blank meeting room. This blog is about my coffee experiences over the past four years. The transition from being a student to being a marketing professional in the luxury industry. There is just so much happening in London, it was absolutely necessary for me to share with those who love coffee and everything to do with it.


Tea drinking is a central activity to Pakistani households but until recently Islamabad was lacking a location where you could relax, sit back and enjoy a selection of teas. Chaaye Khana located in Central Islamabad is an ideal place to go and enjoy a genuine cup of chai. The ambience resembles one’s TV Lounge with a modern twist and a gorgeous view overlooking the roads leading to the Margalla Hills. My favourite is the Doodh Pati and they make amazing Club Sandwiches! Above all the menu is very reasonably priced and their staff is very down to earth. I have to try their breakfast next time I am back! 

The best coffee in Islamabad!

I absolutely love this place, everytime I have been in Islamabad since last December, I have made it a point to visit this cosy cafe located in Kohsar Market in F6. They serve the best lattes, hot chocolates and carrot cakes. So if you are looking for a place to unwind and enjoy a genuine cup of coffee, Mocca is the place to go!