Cocoa Cappuccinos

The Roast and Conch, a cafe run by Hotel Chocolat on Monmouth Street is a place I wish I could visit more often. The Cocoa Capuccinos/Lattes/Espressos concept is intriguing and healthier than the pure coffee we all drink on a daily basis.

The concept of Cocoa Coffee is making a cup of coffee from cocoa beans instead of coffee. The cocoa nibs are processed to create espresso (not coffee espresso) which can then be used as a replacement. Cocoa coffee has an amazingly addictive taste, not sweet not bitter but you neither feel the need to add any sugar. It is healthier for you and it takes a while to kick in which is good as you wouldnt need to overload yourself with excessive coffee. Above all I just love the concept of walking in to a chocolaterie and experiencing all these amazing new concepts which incorporate coffee – a very important part of the hot drinks culture. Next time you pay Roast and Conch a visit do make sure to order a cocoa cappuccino – you won’t regret it!

Coffee at The Delauney

London Fashion Week is the only time of the year I will be up at 7 on a Saturday to get ready for a DAKS 9 am catwalk at Somerset House. This year I happened to end up twice at Delauney afterwards for a breakfast and an awakening coffee!

I have to admit, the location and buzzing nature of the place wakes you up! Moreover the breakfast is delicious (the pastries)! The Lattes are delish – velvety, creamy and the right mix of espresso and milk.

It’s a great location to unwind and relax with friends or end up at for a morning meeting. The service could be better (by that I mean they could be a bit more alert something that I have noticed Colbert does very well!)

Would highly recommend to those in Covent Garden! If in Sloane Square, go try Colbert – nothing beats being in the heart of Belgravia!