Rude Health Cafe

Much needed – a Californian style bright and airy cafe has opened just opposite Putney Bridge station where there was not much of an option for a coffee before this place opened! I love the vibe, the staff and coffee. I highly recommend it for brunch or a coffee.

It is also a great place to stock up on healthy cereal. I recently bought the sugar free oat puffs and I am super glad that someone is introducing sugar free cereal in London!

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Tea at The Promenade

The best thing about being in The Promenade and having a cup of tea there is the leisure that is attached to it. You have all the time in the world (or it makes you feel like you do) and you feel cut off from the outside reality. Above all the Dorchester Blend tea is one of the best I have tasted in London hotels paired with delicious sandwiches and scones.

I would recommend the Dorchester’s Afternoon tea for any occasion, be it a birthday, get together or catch up with friends, this place lets you get on with your own little party.

Cecconis of Mayfair

A place that can never get old and will always have that artsy vibe is Cecconis in Mayfair, an institution for all the PRs and Marketing professionals of the area! Nestled between Oxford Street and Old Bond Street, this place is a physically hidden gem of Mayfair yet so well known.

I spent a Thursday morning having back to back meetings at the bar and realised that for one the place serves amazing Italian coffee, and two the place has a distinctive interiors settings, very chic, Italian yet British. Its an ideal place for an early morning meeting and espresso as it immediately wakes you up!

I just couldn’t get over how they had the juices arranged, how classy!

The best hotel coffee I have had!

I spent my August Bank Holiday with myself at Chewton Glen’s gorgeous spa and pool bar. I experienced a grand day swimming in the pools and the ones I enjoyed the most were the hydrotherapy and outdoor hot pool! I don’t think anything beats getting away from the hustle and bustle of London especially when you land in a beautiful chateaux.

Little did I expect to even have had the best coffee at the hotel! Chewton Glen has partnered with Mozzo Coffee, a niche coffee supplier. The flat white I ordered at the pool bar had to be the best I have had at any of the hotels be it London or out of town! Didn’t have to add any sugar and the velvet texture just made drinking it an even bigger pleasure.

Highly recommend you going and spending a day at Chewton Glen, only an hour and 45 minutes away from London!

Breakfasts at Aubaine!

Aubaine is becoming the new hang out spot for lifestyle bloggers in London and I have had the pleasure to be a part of these breakfasts hosted at various Aubaine locations. My favourite has to be the one at High Street Kensington. The beautiful corner location makes it a hidden gem of the area.

The coffees are always perfect and I always enjoy the lattes followed by some Eggs Royale and the amazing freshly baked breads. I highly recommend this place to those who are looking to have a relaxed catch up with their friends and colleagues especially for breakfast!

My latest visit was for a Cafe Gourmand at the Dover Street Aubaine where I enjoyed some sweet nibbles, the best being the pistachio macaroon along with a coffee on a Friday afternoon, put me in the right mood for the weekend!

2nd Floor, Selfridges

Its been a while since I have written about a new coffee discovery in London but that is because I hadn’t stumbled over one yet. One fine evening after work I was walking around Selfridges and we came across the ย elegant Corner Restaurant. Extremely chic and reminded me of Marcus Wareing’s restaurant at The Berkeley, that is how beautiful this place was. So we decided to perch on the bar and have some coffee accompanied by some sweet nibbles.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved the vibe of this place and how I would love to go back! The smell of freshly ground coffee in a beautiful surrounding, nothing can really beat that!

I will highly recommend it to those looking for something cut off ย from the hustle and bustle of London and yet very chic!

Primrose Bakery, an understated luxury!

I had the pleasure of visiting Primrose Hill for the first time ever, and I am very glad I did that! Had I not I would not have discovered the gorgeous Primrose Bakery on Gloucester Avenue and would never have realised why Ashma would go on about it so much.

Located in a very residential area, Primrose Bakery is every girl’s dream, a very cute retreat offering delicious cupcakes and coffee. I would recommend that place to take your children to after school or your best friend for a catch up.

Definitely a hidden gem of London!

Melrose and Morgan, a coffee heaven!

I first heard about Melrose and Morgan when I was at the Primrose Bakery and their manager highly recommended I pay them a visit. My experience at Melrose and Morgan was not just about a good coffee, but rather a learning experience about coffee, how it should be made and for the first time in my life did I enjoy having a filter coffee, only because it was made the way it should be! I cannot thank their Head Barista ย Roee enough for talking me through the various coffees!

Some things I learnt on the day:

1)The amount of coffee one should grind for a shot of espresso is usually around 20 g
2)8 ounces of water is the right amount for an espresso shot
3)98 degrees is the right boiling temperature of the water otherwise the coffee tastes burnt!
4)If you are making an Americano, add the espresso over the hot water so that the crema doesnt fade away!

Roee made me a delicious flat white with a fine layer of froth on top, not too strong but with the right kick of caffeine and flavour

Filter Coffee Apparatus!


Flat White

For the first time in my life did I realise that filter coffee if made the right way, with patience can be enjoyed! Not the 99 p ones you get at the high street coffee shops!

The process of slowly pouring water over the coffee, you can notice it blooming!


Latte Art, A cross section between a swan and a peacock!
Life at the coffee machine, being behind the counter was a dream come true.

I highly recommend Melrose and Morgan, I could see people especially coming in for Roee’s coffee and I would advise you take a trip down to Gloucester Avenue, very close to Primrose Hill. Above all, Roee’s passion for coffee and dedication to the concept has made me feel very inspired. If you get a chance do attend the barista classes that Melrose and Morgan will be running towards the end of this month!

The movie Chocolat in real life in the form of Cocomaya!

I had the pleasure of spending my Friday teatime at Cocomaya in Knightsbridge. It has to be one of the best Afternoon Teas I have had in a long time. Excellent service, a lovely host Anna and delicious lemon poppy seed cake. What more could one ask for?

Sitting in Cocomaya transported me to the movie Chocolat with the background music, the gorgeous tea cups and amazing art work!

They have a wide selection of teas and coffees and the staff is lovely. You must try this place out if you wish to escape the bustle of London and at the same time experience something divine.

Pop Up Bakery and Delicious Coffee at Fortnum and Mason!

It was one of those mornings, cold and frosty in London when I felt like popping out of work and walking in to Fortnum and Mason (which is literally next door) to do some ‘brands research’. Little did I know I would come across The Pocket Bakery Pop Up on the 1st floor adjacent to the Ice Cream Parlour and have the opportunity to meet a lovely team handling the pop up and Rose herself from The Pocket Bakery.

I was offered a delicious latte which I didnt decline and introduced in detail to the concept of Fortnum and Mason’s pop up events inviting everyone to have a sneak peak in to their kitchen life depicted through this pop up, get some baking advice and enjoy some delicious cakes and above all, the coffee was delish – strong for my liking that day and the experience made my week

If you are around you must pop by! I cant wait to revisit whilst is lasts