Rude Health Cafe

Much needed – a Californian style bright and airy cafe has opened just opposite Putney Bridge station where there was not much of an option for a coffee before this place opened! I love the vibe, the staff and coffee. I highly recommend it for brunch or a coffee.

It is also a great place to stock up on healthy cereal. I recently bought the sugar free oat puffs and I am super glad that someone is introducing sugar free cereal in London!

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Breakfast at the Shangri La Shard!

Turning 25 has been extremely overwhelming. They call it the quarter life crisis but to be honest, I feel I have yet a long way to go to achieve my dreams. I don’t even feel that old. Turning 25 made me realise that I have been living in one of the best cities in the world for the past 7 years that is constantly evolving.

On my birthday, a dear friend took me to The Shangri La Shard for breakfast. The views were absolutely stunning!

They could definitely work on the service but the value for what we got, the views, the ambience were all top notch. I would definitely recommend anyone visiting London to visit this place for its views and ambience.