Favourite bakeries in New York

I discovered some new places this time round in New York and thoroughly enjoyed these experiences! Bouchon Bakery in Time Warner Centre I have already been to but the two others were mere coincidences that I happened to be walking past of.

Bleecker Street was my favourite new spot in New York this fall. Filled with restaurants and bars its the perfect place to spend a day. Maison Kayser is Eric Kayser’s traditional french boulangerie with various branches in New York. Excellent service!

Maison Kayser Bleecker Street
Bouchon Bakery was recommended to me by a friend who used to work there years ago and it has one of the best locations in New York in my opinion. In the heart of the Time Warner building, it overlooks Columbus Circle. Coffee and dessert are delicious!
Bouchon Bakery Time Warner Centre
I love hotels that are home to cafes where you get to experience a more relaxed setting. The New York Palace does exactly that with Pomme Palais, an independent patisserie!
Pomme Palais 30 East 51st Street

Bouchon Bakery and views of Columbus Circle

The Bouchon Bakery I went to is located in the Time Warner building that overlooks Columbus Circle and Central Park. I vowed to walk everywhere in New York even though everyone warned me that my feet would eventually kill me but I was quite adamant.

Took me 25 minutes to walk from the Paramount Hotel to The Columbus Circle which I very much enjoyed. I had a meeting at the Mandarin in an hour so decided to snoop around the shopping mall. The thing about American shopping malls is that they are very spacious. This is exactly what I felt about the Time Warner building. Very open aired, wide and it just allows you to breathe. The glass building is another plus point. You’re able to enjoy the views even from the 2nd floor as you face Manhattan, the CNN building and Central Park.

Bouchon Bakery’s restaurant was where I decided to have a bite. A bit on the pricier side but yet amazing service, a delicious salmon and good cold coffee had me sold. I enjoyed relaxing there and admired the views.

I do recommend this place as a meeting point but also as must go place for its baked goodies as it is New York’s gem.

I actually didnt get a chance to take a picture but this is a snap of the view from the same floor as Bouchon Bakery. One thing I regret is not checking out the massive Whole Foods below which I will do next time for sure!

Dont you just love the views?