Rude Health Cafe

Much needed – a Californian style bright and airy cafe has opened just opposite Putney Bridge station where there was not much of an option for a coffee before this place opened! I love the vibe, the staff and coffee. I highly recommend it for brunch or a coffee.

It is also a great place to stock up on healthy cereal. I recently bought the sugar free oat puffs and I am super glad that someone is introducing sugar free cereal in London!

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Poilane Just Off Cadogan Gardens, Sloane Square!

This place was my refuge last year when I was job hunting. I would sit here for ages applying to various places and cold calling. No doubt I have developed an association with it. Not to mention, the positioning is ideal, in the heart of Sloane Square, you’ll come across the best dressed ladies here!

I have never been to France but if I do go I will expect cafes to be like this – chic interiors, great coffees and amazing croissants i.e fresh and crisp!

The lattes and capuccinos are delish. They serve Squaremile coffee but the amount of milk they use is just about right. The ambience is delectable, you enter and never feel like leaving. Above all I have to give credit to their Manager, Mathilde who has managed to maintain the standards of the cafe for the past year and a half since it opened here!


The breakfast has been amazing – if you are looking to treat yourself you must try the toasted Poilane bread or brioche (a bit too naughty) with salted caramal or lemon curd!! Never would have thought of this being a snack but its absolutely delicious! Since it is a bakery you can take away freshly baked breads and croissants!

I am the biggest fan – I hope to run a place like this one day in some corner of the world!