The Little Owl

Greenwich Brunch Places, The Little Owl NYC

The concierge at The Lowell helped me discover some new brunch places and one of those was The Little Owl. I wanted to explore some new places in Greenwich Village and I am so glad I came across this gem. A wonderful corner restaurant perfect for weekend brunch classics and some Mediterranean inspired dishes. I went for the safer option, the burger but the coffee, desserts and ambience were really nice. I would highly recommend to those looking for something with a local touch in Manhattan followed by a walk up Bleecker Street!



The Chatwal Hotel New York

5 star hotel in New York, The Chatwal Hotel

I have usually stayed at the Lowell Hotel during my previous visits to New York but this time I decided to stay a few nights at The Chatwal Hotel near Times Square. I had heard so much about the hotel from friends and colleagues in London I just had to visit.

The Chatwal reminds me a lot of 45 Park Lane in London. The interiors have been done by Β the same person – modern, classy and upbeat yet not compromising on luxury. The hotel has an ideal location and for those who are scared of being too close to Times Square I can guarantee you – you won’t even feel it! It is definitely close to it but the location on the side street keeps the traffic away. Also, it’s very handy for those who need to go shopping at Fifth Avenue, visit Rockefeller Center and some other major attractions in New York. The hotel is also walking distance to Macys. Additionally, it is only a 25 minute walk to the Upper East Side. You get the best of both worlds! If you are up early enough (which I was due to jetlag) you must visit Times Square in the early hours of the day – it is surprisingly a serene place to be and you might catch a glimpse of the ABC Morning Show and New York generally waking up:

Mornings can be fun!

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Back to the hotel, I loved the interior of the room – it isn’t traditional but it has the charm of an established New York hotel. It was modern, comfy and the bathrooms are to die for! Service isn’t too stuffy but attentive and the only regret I have is that I didn’t try The Lambs Club which seemed like an amazing restaurant with an old school New York charm to it.

I would highly recommend it to those looking for comfort and a buzz during their visit to New York – you can get both!

Meeting Betty Halbreich

Betty Halbreich at Bergdorf Goodman – Manhattan

Visiting New York this year was very special for me, I had the opportunity to meet a woman I have read so much about and been inspired by – Betty Halbreich. She is one of New York’s and perhaps the world’s best known personal stylists and personal shoppers. She started the Personal Shopping Department at Bergdorf Goodman known by the name of Betty’s Halbreich’s Solutions nearly 4 decades ago and she is still going strong.

Meeting Betty Halbreich was not just meeting an idol but it made me realise that the more experienced and successful you are, it is as important to be humble and open to meeting people. When I followed Betty to the elevators once I had spotted her (and waited for her client to depart on the ground floor), I was open to the possibility that she could possibly ignore me or dismiss me or keep it very short. I mean someone who has catered to the cream of New York, the US and Hollywood celebrities would barely have the time to speak to me and it is something I am ok with. However, the second I said hello she looked at me and I immediately went on a ramble on what a big fan I was, visiting from London, have been reading about her and she immediately whisked me to her office on the 3rd floor. It was a magical experience – she was willing to give me time, sit with me, talk to me about politics, life in New York, learn about what I do and everything else! She signed her book for me and invited me to visit her when I am next back in New York. Betty is now nearly 90 years old – her book has taught me that no one has a smooth journey – she had her share of difficulties but above all she isΒ a people’s person. She has worked hard, connected with her clients and has remained true to her real self which has been the key to her success and strength. What an amazing woman! I hope I can see her next time I am in Manhattan!