Boys ‘n’ Berry, Fulham

The Fulham neighborhood desperately needed good coffee. Especially around where our saviours Boys ‘n’ Berry have opened up! I am addicted to the coffee, the cafe and the breakfast. The moment I stepped in I knew this would be a place I would be spending a lot of time in.

The staff is very welcoming, the owner is behind the coffee machine so you can tell its a passion! I have been a multitude of times for meetings, hanging out or getting my daily take away dose. I would highly recommend trying the quinoa porridge – something unique and healthy with peanut butter and bananas. The place is reasonably priced for breakfast standards in Fulham – but again you are paying good money for some porridge!

The coffee in any form is a must – you won’t regret it!


Brown and Rosie South Kensington

Nothing beats Aussie Coffee and one of the best I have had so far has landed in the heart of South Kensington in the form of Brown and Rosie! A wonderful cafe on Exhibition Road serving coffee, breakfast, smoothie bowls and lunch.  Serving Pablo and Rusty coffee, the baristas pay extra attention to the texture, weight and hence the coffee is consistent unlike a lot of other places in London. You’ll be addicted!