Martha Washington

I came across the hotel very randomly but it just seemed to be a perfect fit for my stay in New York post NYE. Very close to the Empire State Building, walking distance to Fifth Avenue and home to the latest talk of town, Marta.

Once I booked, the Concierge team, Rachel, Gillian and Rene emailed me welcoming me to the hotel and offering to help out with any planning around the city. This was amazing! They realised I loved coffee places and this is what I was welcomed with:

A wonderful coffee tray amenity with coffees from around New York including Stumptown and Intelligentsia. I also got a coffee grinder which I still grind the coffee with. The concierge team added so much to my trip and guided me so well I will always be grateful to them! If you need good guidance, I would say go to them! They are locals, they love the city and you will see that reflecting in their advice!
The next thing that took me by surpise was the amazing view (what more could I have asked for?):
Third surprise, Marta is definitely one of the best restaurants I have been to in New York. The atmosphere, food, service and bar – all ticked boxes for a great meal out especially for somone new to the city. Friends from NYC had already been talking about it but I just cannot get over how welcoming and good this restaurant was. Serving awesome coffee, pizzas, desserts and drinks – this is the go to place in New York. Β I tried the pizza, the croquettes and something unsual – The Rabbit Meatballs. They were divine! Marta is not fussy or overpriced. It just celebrates serving good and fresh food that is affordable paired with good service.
Next the coffee is artisan and not being poured out of an automatic machine which most hotels do. It shows effort here and the fact that guests demand good coffee. If a hotel and restaurant serve good coffee – they’ve won my hear already!
Good old Margarita
Divine Tiramisu
The Rabbit Meatballs

Lowell Hotel, Upper East Side

The Warm and Welcoming Hotel Lobby serving Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate whilst you check in

Kick starting the New Year with 2 nights on the Upper East Side was amazing. I had the most wonderful and memorable experience of staying at The Lowell Hotel.

The Lowell has its very own distinctive and unique style as a boutique family run hotel. Every guest gets amazing attention to detail, wonderful amenities and the team is very helpful. The concierge is considered amongst the best in the city and will get you in to any restaurant or theatre you wish to go to!

I personally loved the decor starting from the entrance, leading to the hidden Pembroke Room on the 2nd floor up to the beautiful rooms. My room overlooked the quiet 63rd street yet was footsteps away from Madison Avenue and Barneys.

You’re welcomed in to your room with a complimentary drink, fruits and wonderful Dina DeLuca Chartouni amenities in the bathroom exclusively created for the Lowell hotel.

The Afternoon Tea is an understated affair at the hotel – you’re in a private room on the second floor hence away from the public eye getting a very cosy and luxurious experience. I am so glad I tried it!

The wonderful welcome drinks. My favourite, a delicious latte.
I just loved these mugs!
Big pillows and super comfy bed!
The only hotel in New York with wood burning fire places!
Festive Afternoon tea at The Pembroke Room

Β For more information visit the Lowell Hotel

Ralph’s Coffee aka Ralph Lauren’s very own cafe on fifth avenue!

Post breakfast at the wonderful and breathtaking St Regis, I ended up outsideΒ Ralph’s Coffee Shop. It had started snowing. It was my second last day in New York, slightly melancholic yet refreshed with all the wonderful experiences I’d had so far in this city; I needed some shelter as I was getting snowed under (like literally!). So I knocked on the doors of Ralph Lauren Fifth Avenue at 9:58 am. It was still 2 minutes to go till they opened but they came rushing towards me as if they knew I needed a roof above my head. I politely asked ‘Are you open? I was hoping if I could just go to the cafe above?’

I led myself upstairs – and there it was – the gem of a coffee place overlooking fifth avenue, still adorned with Christmas decorations and a welcoming staff! I had never heard of Ralph Lauren’s cafe till I had reached New York. Yes, they are brewing their own branded coffee, branded cups and a chic branded cafe. Being in New York made me appreciate the tall black American style coffee as long as I was getting half and half with it (another addiction which I can’t seem to find in London?). Somehow the taste of plain coffee was growing on me. I didn’t want the latte everytime.

I enjoyed my cup of coffee looking over fifth avenue wondering when I would be back again – yet tried to seize the moment. The view was magical!

Joe Upper West Side

My first morning in New York was just amazing. I was staying at a friend’s at the Upper West Side and ended up taking a very long walk up Columbus Avenue. The fondest memory is of discovering the lovely Joe’s Coffee. It is a chain but still a lovely cafe with great coffee and a great buzz. The staff is super friendly and being an outsider, this place just hits home for me!

For more information please visitΒ Joe