Cafe Chula in Camden!

I had never thought of going for a coffee to Camden but a visit to Camden is definitely on my list for things to do on a weekend – hence once I discovered Cafe Chula, I knew I had to go!

Located just at The Camden Lock, this Mexican Cafe transports you back to Mexico, if you havent been and really want to experience the culture, I highly recommend this place. Home to Mexican cocktails, Mexican hot chocolate and exactly what one is looking for on a rainy day, Spicy Mexican Coffee which looks like this (below) and immediately brightens up your mood! The coffee was equally delicious, the right balance of caffeine and once the cream mixes with the americano the spicy – sweet taste hits the spot, not too heavy either and served in a massive jar/mug.

Another factor that made me fall in love with the place was the service and the staff. Absolutely down to earth and very welcoming. 
Please do pay a visit and share your thoughts with us!

Cocoa Cappuccinos

The Roast and Conch, a cafe run by Hotel Chocolat on Monmouth Street is a place I wish I could visit more often. The Cocoa Capuccinos/Lattes/Espressos concept is intriguing and healthier than the pure coffee we all drink on a daily basis.

The concept of Cocoa Coffee is making a cup of coffee from cocoa beans instead of coffee. The cocoa nibs are processed to create espresso (not coffee espresso) which can then be used as a replacement. Cocoa coffee has an amazingly addictive taste, not sweet not bitter but you neither feel the need to add any sugar. It is healthier for you and it takes a while to kick in which is good as you wouldnt need to overload yourself with excessive coffee. Above all I just love the concept of walking in to a chocolaterie and experiencing all these amazing new concepts which incorporate coffee – a very important part of the hot drinks culture. Next time you pay Roast and Conch a visit do make sure to order a cocoa cappuccino – you won’t regret it!

Pop Up Bakery and Delicious Coffee at Fortnum and Mason!

It was one of those mornings, cold and frosty in London when I felt like popping out of work and walking in to Fortnum and Mason (which is literally next door) to do some ‘brands research’. Little did I know I would come across The Pocket Bakery Pop Up on the 1st floor adjacent to the Ice Cream Parlour and have the opportunity to meet a lovely team handling the pop up and Rose herself from The Pocket Bakery.

I was offered a delicious latte which I didnt decline and introduced in detail to the concept of Fortnum and Mason’s pop up events inviting everyone to have a sneak peak in to their kitchen life depicted through this pop up, get some baking advice and enjoy some delicious cakes and above all, the coffee was delish – strong for my liking that day and the experience made my week

If you are around you must pop by! I cant wait to revisit whilst is lasts

Turkish Coffee in London!

Despite being a coffee-holic I never tried going out and searching for Turkish coffee in London. I guess I am too overwhelmed with all the coffee shops opening nearby and too engrossed in my lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. However, I was recently visiting a client of mine, Lokum Istanbul and discovering their latest ranges of delicious Turkish delights and cigarella baklawa (which is exclusive to them so you must must try!)

It is then that I discovered that Lokum Istanbul offer original Turkish coffee to their clients which is beautiful and nothing can beat having it in a boutique designed by Anouska Hempel and filled with Turkish treasures.

Aubrey at The Doyle, A hidden gem of Kensington

I discovered the Kensington Hotel, part of the Doyle Collection, a couple of months back. What I loved about the hotel was its hidden location in South Kensington and beautiful breathtaking interiors which make you want to sit there for hours and relax.

I had the Afternoon Tea one working afternoon when I wasn’t booked in for too many meetings and had the opportunity to finish my work in a lovely surrounding. The service is impeccable and the scones which are unusually served with lemon curd (yum!) were out of the world. I started with an English breakfast tea followed by a latte at the end – the texture of which was perfect and with the right level of espresso.

The desserts were delicious and unique. I tried the lemon tart and chocolate mousse cake – both of which were fresh and a great compliment to the menu. I have to admit in boutique hotels, The Kensington Hotel, a composition of lovely ambience, great service and excellent quality of food including the sandwiches is a hidden gem of London which I would highly encourage to Afternoon Tea enthusiasts to try.