I have been meaning to go to Norma's for over 2 years and this time I made it a mission to visit one morning for breakfast. Norma's is part of the Le Parker Meridien Hotel located in midtown west and a real local experience in Manhattan - you'll see locals, professionals and guests dining here [...]


The National

The first time I visited a Jeffrey Zakarian restaurant was at the Lambs Club at The Chatwal last year which is in comparison a very formal experience. The National is a grand cafe in midtown which had an extremely buzzy atmosphere at lunchtime despite it being -12 degrees in January! I love bistros as they [...]


Seven Dials has massively transformed over the years. I remember when we used to trot up to Covent Garden during our times at LSE and mostly hang out at the Primrose Bakery for a special treat. Now things have immensely changed. There are lots of options and more independent places popping up. I do hope [...]